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Discover Color - It will change your world

You will discover that:

Red in small bits and pieces will help make the sale
Blue will help improve conversations and discussions
Yellow is not the Best color for sleeping

  We live in a world of color. 

Working with it,

playing with it and

wearing it brings rich rewards

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Discover Color - Through the Five Senses and Beyond
by Susan Bacon Trumpfheller
Discover Color is part of the Pendulum Dowsing Book Series by Discovery Press 


Using your pendulum to explore the world of color.

See the world in technicolor - a stunning vista

Explore color from many viewpoints

Great techniques experience and experiment with color

Learn ways to bring harmony and balance into your life.

Watch the web of color weave to larger of understanding in the universe

 Enter the world of color. 

Let Discover Color take you on a journey of exploration and discovery:

See ------ Smell ----- Touch

Taste ----- Hear ----- Breathe Color 
  • Become aware of the potency of color as it relaxes, stimulates or even warms you. 
    (Try red tissue paper on your feet to keep them warm.) 
  • Watch as others respond to its subtle force in decor and dress. 
  • Notice Changes in attitudes and shifts in emotion when the surrounding spectrum switches. 
    Color -- it can heal body, mind and spirit.
  • From Decorating, and Business to Advertising and Colored Water you will find new ways to bring color in your world and use it to save time and money.

Discover Color  Buy Discover Color Now  $11.00


  Tools for Color Therapy


Mix and Match Color Filters
11 - 4" x 4" singles
Sort by numbers to create 12 colors

Use these filters to create 17 colors using the Dinshah Spectro-Chromo Therapy system using Roscolene Filters.  See "Let There Be Light " a cutting edge color therapy book providing multiple ways to use these filters.

Buy the book Discover Color to learn several additional techniques when working with color

  $42.00 Currently out of stock

Full Spectrum Color Filter Set
12 - 4" x 4" Multi-layered filter set
Pre-combined and ready to use quickly
Red, Orange, Yellow, Lemon, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Purple, Magenta & Scarlet

Let There Be Light - book
Dinshah Spectrochrome Therapy

$15.00 includes postage

The How to Use Color Therapy resource!!

  • Over 330+ protocols and techniques for Diagnosed Disease 
  • Great cross reference to Minerals and Music
  • General references on specific color use

"Let There Be Light "by Darius Dinshah

©Susan Bacon Trumpfheller 1990-2015
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